About Us

Hi, my name is Jiawei Zhao,  founder of MKRRF IT Limited. I am MySQL expert, experienced with other database systems including NoSQL technologies as well. I like also programming with Clojure and Python progrmming languages . Started to extensively work with MySQL since about 2003. Have designed and implemented a data production system that controls thousands of computers to process scientific data in parallel, which used extensively database technology to manage the whole process in my past project. Have worked for different companies in Canada as MySQL DBA and worked out sollutions to optimize queries, solve production problem, design complete system from hardware to operating system selection for high performance MySQL database, and having fun worked on big data problems.

At MKRRF IT, we prodive the following services:

  • MySQL Database Consulting
  • MySQL remote DBA
  • MySQL DBA onsite for Montreal region
  • High availability MySQL sollution, system design and implementation
  • Fix emergency MySQL database problems: trouble shoot, quick query optimization, provide fixing script on time. 
  • Database architecture design
  • Big data technology
  • System Optimization
  • Software development with Python (Django, etc), Clojure (Ring, Cascalog, etc)
  • Website development