CloEDIT a Structured HTML Editor

Easily build up web pages like put toy bricks together

With support for Bootstrap 3 and Foundation


CloEDIT in action


  • Intuitive hierarchical view of HTML file and inline code editor
  • Zooming and collapsing of HTML elements to make efficient use of display space.
  • Easily copy, cut and paste HTML elements with no need to track open and closing tags by user.
  • Advanced HTML editing functnions like wrap, unwrap, merge
  • Building blocks for Bootstrap 3 and Foundation. Easily build up web page with these frameworks like playing with toy bricks.
  • Support for view first web frameworks like Lift and CloServe . Preview pages with "surround" or "embed" elements of these frameworks correctly.
  • Developer friendly features like get HTML code into various programming forms, including Hickory and Hiccup for Clojure developers.

System Requirement

  • Mac OSX , Linux or other UNIX like systems with Java JDK 1.6+
  • Screen Resolution not lower than 1280x800 for best result
  • minimum memory: 2G
  • Recommended CPU: minimum core2duo 2GHz

News About Web Design Tools

2013-12-18 Mac website creation tool Sandvox, 25% off with promo code JINGLE (limited time)


2013-12-19 Bug Fixes. New functions to add Bootstrap or Foundation CSS, Javascript links to existing HTML file (release 1.4.0)

2013-12-13 Add some support for Foundation 5 (release 1.3.9)

2013-12-12 Easily make new pages with Bootstrap3 or Foundation4, as demoed in the youtube video (release 1.3.8)

2013-12-05 Formal release. Better support for Ubuntu Linux. Syntax highlighting for inline editor. Improve presentation of bootstrap and foundation columns. Various bug fixes under Linux environment. Release 1.3.7

2013-11-30 Add "Quit" item in main menu (Short cut key: Ctrl-Q for linux, CMD-Q for MAC), release 1.3.6

2013-11-20 Bug fix: opening new file makes last opened file display the same title as newly opened file, confusing to the user.

2013-11-18 Added support for Foundation Framework (version 4). Auto check update.